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I am Takuya Nakata, President and Representative Director of Yamaha.
Yamaha Corporation has started “Yamaha Management Plan 2016 (YMP2016),” its medium-term management plan that covers the three-year period beginning from April 1, 2013. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014, the first year of the plan, Yamaha achieved year-on-year increases in sales and earnings by implementing a wide range of measures. These included expanding and upgrading product development and sales channels, the ongoing business structural reforms, and reducing costs.

To achieve the targets outlined in YMP2016, we must be in tune with changing customer values and bring products to market that take advantage of Yamaha’s strengths. We must reinforce and expand our domestic and overseas product sales channels. And, we must reduce costs in all processes. It is extraordinarily important that we fully achieve these three steps. We must be clearly aware of what is needed to achieve this plan, and all Yamaha employees in sales, development, and manufacturing, as well as administrative staff must adopt a new approach so that Yamaha becomes a company that steadfastly carries out what it has pledged. By utilizing our strengths and accumulated know-how developed over the years in business domains centered on “sound and music,” I want us to boldly produce new values while taking on new challenges with out-of-the box thinking.  

The basic focus of Yamaha is to deliver a variety of ‘kando’ states to customers. We believe that products and services produced from the customer’s point of view bring exciting ‘kando’ states to customers. To achieve our YMP2016 targets in fiscal 2015, the second year of the plan, we will take on new challenges one at a time and attain additional growth in our core business of “sound and music” based on our corporate objective of CREATING ‘KANDO’ TOGETHER. Please look forward with anticipation to the new Yamaha.

June 2014
Takuya Nakata
Takuya Nakata
President and Representative Director

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