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Yamaha Management Plan 2016

  Yamaha Corporation has formulated its new management plan "Yamaha Management Plan 2016 (YMP2016)" that will cover the three-year period beginning in April 2013. YMP2016 sets forth Yamaha's basic management policies, key strategies, and its numerical targets.

  Yamaha has positioned the three years under YMP2016 as the first stage of the "quantum leap phase" of its development. During this stage, Yamaha will secure growth in its existing businesses and make active investments to attain the numerical targets of the next stage, which will be consolidated net sales of ¥500 billion and operating income of ¥50 billion.

Medium-Term Management Plan -Positioning

The new Medium-Term Management Plan will achieve steady growth in existing business as the first stage of the "quantum leap" phase / The company will invest aggressively in new business  development with a view to achieving next-stage targets of ¥500 billion in sales and ¥50 billion in operating income

YMP2016 Numerical Targets

YMP2016 Numerical Targets

Net Sales / Operating income

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