Our Performance

FY2014.3 (April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014)

Net Sales:366.9bn yen(YoY change +2.9%)
Operating Income:9.2bn yen(YoY change +13.6%)
Net Income (Loss):4.1bn yen(YoY change -)
  • *Effective in the first quarter of FY2014.3, AV/IT segment was renamed audio equipment segment, and the PA equipment business, which was previously reported as part of the musical instruments segment has now been reported as part of the audio equipment business. In the graphs shown in this page, Yamaha has reflected segment changes to segment net sales and operating income for FY2013.3 to provide better visibility.

Proportion of Sales by Business Segment

Proportion of Sales by Business Segment

FY2015.3 (Projections)As of February 4, 2015

Net Sales:408.0bn yen(YoY change +11%)
Operating Income:22bn yen(YoY change +139%)
Net Income:18bn yen(YoY change +337%)

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