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Musical Instruments

  Musical Instruments segment includes the manufacture and sale of musical instruments and the operation of music schools and English language schools. Yamaha also sells a variety of music-related products sourced from other manufacturers and accessories.

  In broad terms, Yamaha's musical instrument categories span acoustic instruments such as pianos, brass instruments, and digital musical instruments. Yamaha has also carved out a new segment in hybrid instruments, which combine acoustic and digital qualities. Yamaha's expertise in acoustic and digital technologies makes us the world's only integrated manufacturer of a complete lineup of musical instruments, which are sold to professionals and beginners alike.


Music Software

  Music software is also included in Musical Instruments segment. The management company, Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings, Inc. effectively oversees operations in all music entertainment businesses within the Yamaha Group, which span a wide variety of areas, including various support activities for amateur musicians; artist scouting, nurturing and supporting creative work of music artists; the market supply of music entertainment works to the market through various media; and Yamaha's music publishing business.

Audio Equipment

  Audio Equipment segment comprises audio products (including AV receivers, speaker systems, Digital Sound Projector and other products), PA equipment, commercial online karaoke equipment and network devices and communication (routers and conferencing systems).

  Yamaha is a leader in markets driven by music, sound and networks where we exploits our technical expertise in music, sound and networks to develop and supply high-quality products that meet customer expectations.



  Electronic Devices segment supplies semiconductors with the main products being sound generators for mobile phones. Semiconductor products find applications in Yamaha's areas of comparative strength -music and networks- including mobile phones, amusement and automotive devices, consumer products such as televisions and communications equipment.


FA Equipment and Automobile Interior Wood Components

  Included in Others segment, FA equipment business manufactures and sells various types of precision machines for fabricating and inspecting intricate electronic component circuit, industrial robots, etc.

  Yamaha also supplies customized interior wood components for luxury cars to automakers in Japan and abroad. Our business in automobile interior wood components involves the application of technologies originally developed in piano production such as wood processing, fabrication, bonding and coating technology.

Resort Facilities

  Yamaha operates two resort facilities (Tsumagoi and Katsuragi) in Shizuoka Prefecture, focusing on maximizing the contribution to the enhancement of the Yamaha brand value.

  Tsumagoi is a multifunctional resort facility which offers music, sports and other leisure pursuits in a 1.7 million m2 haven of greenery. The aim at Tsumagoi is to create a facility that embodies the concept of Yamaha as a sound and music company.

  Katsuragi-Kitanomaru is a traditional style accommodation facility which recreates an old Japanese castle. Adjacent to the hotel is Katsuragi Golf Club which boasts a championship golf course by famous designer Seiichi Inoue.

Golf Products

  Yamaha provides golf products which exploit the materials processing technology that Yamaha has cultivated over the many years in the production of musical instruments. Yamaha also leverages its ownership of the championship course at the Katsuragi Golf Club as a point of contact to large numbers of golfers.


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