Mutual Understanding with Business Partners

Adhering Strictly to Open and Fair Transactions

  The Yamaha Group considers suppliers and subcontractors to be partners in its effort to live up to the Group's business philosophy. Accordingly, the Group strives to build relationships of growing mutual trust based on open and fair business dealings. On this basis, the Group has worked diligently to incorporate this concept into its Compliance Code of Conduct and to implement education and training programs for its employees while gaining the understanding of business partners. These endeavors are aimed at avoiding any abuse of a dominant bargaining position and to ensure that transactions remain open and fair adhering strictly to statutory requirements as well as internal regulations and standards.

Sharing Information with Business Partners

  The Yamaha Group implements activities to share various types of information aimed at maintaining healthy and sound relationships with business partners. The Group is also working to strengthen partnerships by explaining Yamaha’s management policy as well as environmental, procurement and CSR policies to suppliers.

‚óŹInformation Sharing with Dealerships Through Yamaha Dealers Net

  In July 2006, Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. opened Yamaha Dealers Net, a portal website that shares information on operations with authorized musical instrument dealers in Japan. Yamaha Dealers Net integrates sales websites and print media previously separated along product and service lines. Thanks to this integration, dealers are able to use this website to efficiently access an abundance of timely, accurate information on product guides, delivery dates, and marketing items over the web. Efforts have been made to enhance the content since 2009, including the addition of training material related to product sales. To date, approximately 2,700 dealerships and 5,800 people have registered with and are using Yamaha Dealers Net.

‚óŹInformation Sharing with Component and Material Processing Subcontractors

  Yamaha conducts debriefing sessions concerning production and sales trends as well as seminars and workshops related to management and occupational health and safety for its partners in manufacturing, namely companies contracted for component and material processing. Through health and safety inspections and patrols as well as environmental safety competitions, Yamaha helps prevent industrial accidents and environmental pollution at these contracted companies.

Making Public the Yamaha Material and Component Procurement Policy

  In order to ensure a better understanding of its stance toward the procurement of materials and components, the Yamaha Group makes public the Yamaha Material and Component Procurement Policy, the Green Procurement Standards and the Yamaha Timber Procurement and Usage Guidelines. Every effort is also made to obtain the cooperation of suppliers.

  1.  Yamaha Material and Component Procurement Policy
  2.  Yamaha Timber Procurement and Usage Guidelines
  3.  Green Procurement Standards

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