Assisting Women's Careers

  The Yamaha Group holds the diversity of its employees in high regard, and aims to be a place where all employees can make the most of their abilities, regardless of their gender, nationality or other factors. In this regard, the Group strives to promote a workplace environment in which women can excel and creates systems to make this a reality

  Yamaha Corporation launched the Positive Action Project in May 2004. The project group initiated various enlightenment related activities such as examining the situation of women at Yamaha and other companies, holding lectures and creating a website. Other activities recommended the creation of systems that promote the role of women, the employment and hiring of female employees and the establishment of training programs. Based on these recommendations, Yamaha established a dedicated organization within the Human Resources Division in March 2006. The department is carrying out wide-ranging measures, which include further broadening opportunities for women to develop their abilities and play an active role and creating a more comfortable working environment. It is also expanding systems for work-life balance such as the childcare leave system and promoting their use. Through these initiatives, Yamaha Corporation currently boasts nearly an equal average number of years of continuous employment for male and female employees with the proportion of women taking maternity leave and childcare leave as well as the proportion of women returning to work after childcare leave at almost 100% in fiscal 2012.

Major Measures to Assist Women's Careers

Proactive hiring of female employees

  Increase the ratio of female new graduate hires, targeting 30% for the immediate future (the female hiring ratio in fiscal 2013: 29.2%)

  Securing outstanding human resources through hiring activities that include information about the active roles played by female employees and by creating a more comfortable working environment for women

Actively recruiting and increasing opportunities to develop the abilities of female employees

  Increasing the promotion of women for managerial positions

  Planning and implementing various training program

Creating working environments that are comfortable for women

  Responding to next-generation laws on gender equality in employment, childcare and nursing leave

  Implementing the Yamaha Action Plans

  Promoting the operation of a balanced support system and the revision and creation of structures

Changing workplace awareness and fostering a corporate culture

  Conducting educational activities through training, seminars and pamphlets

  Providing information through My Yamaha Life - For a Better Career and Work-Life Balance, an intranet service

  Launched in January 2008 as a communication site designed to promote optimal balance between a career, work and family life. Continuous update in principle monthly. Accessed by more than 500 employees each month. The work-life balance aspect of the site was added in fiscal 2012, and Yamaha made efforts to further enhance the site. By serving as a forum through which information can be dispensed and shared, the site provides support not for only female employees but for all employees to enhance their working and private lives allowing them to work in an active and lively manner.

My Yamaha Life

Principal Indicators Related to Female Employees at Yamaha Corporation

Ratio of Female Employees (as of March 2013)

Ratio of Female Employees (as of March 2013)

Ratio of Female New Graduate Hires (fiscal 2012)

Ratio of Female New Graduate Hires (fiscal 2012)

Average Age of Employees at Yamaha Corporation (as of March 2013)

Average Age of Employees at Yamaha Corporation (as of March 2013)

Number of Years of Continuous Employment (As of March 2013)

Number of Years of Continuous Employment (As of March 2013)

*Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 2011 Basic Survey on Wage Structure

Female Manager Ratio

  2013 : 4.4%    2012 : 4.1%    2011 : 3.4%

Number of Employ Taking Child Care Leave

Number of Employ Taking Child Care Leave

Promoting efforts in the Yamaha Group

  Yamaha Group companies in Japan formulated and implemented Action Plans that cover the five-year period from 2008 to 2012 in support of the careers of women. These Action Plans share the activity policies outlined below. We promote a variety of initiatives at each company from the perspectives of developing potential and increasing opportunities for women to excel, creating a pleasant working environment and fostering a gender-equal corporate culture. The positive effects of these initiatives have already started to emerge, including an increase in the female manager ratio. We will implement further initiatives from fiscal 2013 and beyond in light of progress during this five-year period.

The Yamaha Group seeks to create workplaces where every employee can perform to his or her fullest potential. In order to achieve this goal, we will build comfortable workplaces, create more opportunities for both women and men to succeed, and support them in every challenge they take on.

Action Statement from the Yamaha Group's Action Plans to Support Women's Careers

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