Measures to Prevent Harassment

  The Yamaha Group Compliance Code of Conduct prohibits any language, behavior, or unfair discrimination that could be construed as sexual harassment or other impropriety. Yamaha has distributed the Code of Conduct in the form of a booklet which includes detailed explanations to all employees. Employment regulations also clarify and make all employees aware of the consequences for failure to comply with company rules and regulations relating to harassment. We also work to thoroughly prevent harassment through workplace meetings and management training to better educate employees about the issues involved.

  In addition, we set up an in-house sexual harassment counseling desk as well as a helpline that deals with requests for advice and notifications concerning compliance issues in general from employees and suppliers. Every effort is made to respond as promptly as possible and to solve any problems that are brought up through these channels. Details of both the counseling desk and helpline are outlined in the Compliance Code of Conduct. Working to further promote awareness, details are also introduced in internal newsletters and magazines.

  Going forward, the Yamaha Group remains committed to establishing a workplace environment that is completely free of any gender bias or human rights infringement and that enables employees to fully utilize their skills.

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