Report on Donations to "School Music Revival"

 The following donations were made to "School Music Revival" which works to provide inspection, repair, and servicing of musical instruments and equipment at schools in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as providing support for music activities in disaster-afflicted regions

Activities Value
Part of the proceeds received from entry fees to the 22nd Hamamatsu Jazz Week. 550,550 yen
Part of the proceeds from sales of Yamaha Baseball Club original towels. 43,800 yen
Donations from employees at Yamaha Corporation headquarters 36,752 yen

 The 22nd Hamamatsu Jazz Week was held over a nine day period from October 19 to 27, 2013, organized by Hamamatsu city, the Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation, The Shizuoka Shimbun and Shizuoka Broadcasting System, Yamaha Corporation, and Yamaha Music Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from entry fees to all Jazz Week events (except for "Street Jazz Club") was donated to "School Music Revival."

 Additionally, some proceeds from the sales of Yamaha Baseball Club original towels were also donated, along with donations collected from employees.