Indonesia Reforestation Initiative "Yamaha Forest" Phase 2 Activities Report

Kick-off event held on December 2

Yamaha Forest

Local elementary school children participating in the event

The collaborative tree-planting initiative "Yamaha Forest" jointly undertaken in Indonesia by Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., ran from fiscal 2005 to 2009. With the completion of that initiative, Yamaha Corporation and six local companies launched a new five-year (2010 - 2014) collaborative tree-planting initiative as the second phase of "Yamaha Forest". The kick-off event for this second phase of "Yamaha Forest" was held this past December 2 in Kuningan Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

Phase 1 Initiative Report

The collaborative tree-planting initiative "Yamaha Forest" was undertaken to contribute to the global environment and regional community by preserving the environment and supporting education through the planting of trees in Indonesia, which is a major production and sales base for musical instruments and motorcycles produced by Yamaha Corporation, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., and their local subsidiaries. In the five-year period from 2005 to 2009, the initiative planted 115,110 seedlings on about 127 hectares of land owned by Sukabumi Regency, which is located in West Java. These efforts are expected to restore the forest and its capability to cultivate sources of water, prevent land erosion, and absorb and fix CO2. This initiative also provides regional support in areas such as environmental education for local elementary and junior high school students. The annual tree-planting events, which are held every December and have been attended by a total of 930 employees of local subsidiaries over the five years of the initiative, thus help to raise the environmental awareness of participants.

Phase 2 Activities


This second phase of "Yamaha Forest" will continue planting activities in Indonesia for the five-year period between fiscal 2010 and 2014 by Yamaha Corporation and six local subsidiaries.

This activity is one of the specific activities being conducted in accordance with the Yamaha Group CSR Policy set forth in February of this year by the Yamaha Group to clarify the scope of CSR activities, and seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of society through continued environmental preservation and preservation of biodiversity.

Indonesia is the world's treasure chest of species, but in recent years this rich biodiversity has been disappearing at an alarming rate. A major cause for this decline is the eradication of natural forests through indiscriminate illegal logging, which destroys the habitats of indigenous animals, birds, and insects and threatens their survival as species.

It is against this background that the "Yamaha Forest" Phase 2 activities seeks to restore the natural forest and eco-system peculiar to that region through the selection of tree species and a planting plan based on a thorough scientific analysis. Planting will take place at a site scorched by forest fire (about 50 hectares) in the Mt. Ciremai National Park in the Kuningan Regency of West Java, and will be conducted jointly by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, and the National University of Kuningan, Faculty of Forestry.

The "Yamaha Forest" Phase 2 kick-off event held on December 2 was attended by about 230 local residents and elementary school children, as well as Yamaha Corporation's senior executive officer Tsutomu Sasaki, Yamaha Musik Indonesia Distributor's president Teruhiko Tsurumi, employees of Yamaha Corporation and their local subsidiaries, the regent of Kuningan, the head of Mt. Ciremai National Park, JICA specialists, and the chancellor of Kuningan University. At the opening ceremony, speeches were given by the representatives of participating organizations, a joint declaration was signed, and commemorative gifts and school materials provided by the Yamaha Group were distributed to local participants and elementary schools. A gift was also presented by the Kuningan Regency and the National Park to the Yamaha Group as a token of appreciation. To round off the ceremony, commemorative saplings were planted by each participant.

At the ceremony, Yamaha Corporation's senior executive officer, Tsutomu Sasaki (left) shakes hands with Mt. Ciremai National Park head, H. Ir. F Kurung (right).

Kuningan regent, H. Aang Hamid Suganda (left) presents a gift of appreciation to Yamaha Corporation's senior executive officer, Tsutomu Sasaki (right) (center: Hideki Miyakawa, JICA chief advisor)

Signing of the joint declaration by Teruhiko Tsurumi, president of Yamaha Musik Indonesia Distributor

Commemorative photo with participants and elementary school students

H. Aang Hamid Suganda, regent of Kuningan

Tsutomu Sasaki, senior executive officer of Yamaha Corporation

H. Iskandar, chancellor of Kuningan University,

Planting commemorative trees

Commemorative trees were planted by each participant

Planting site (the trees dotting the site survived the fire)

A study of the local vegetation and the selection of tree species as well as an afforestation plan should be completed by March 2011, with planting activities scheduled to start in April 2011. Plans call for approximately 50,000 trees, consisting of a selection of local varieties based on the vegetation survey, to be planted by March 2015. In parallel with these activities we will also continue forest preservation activities in Japan.

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