Report on Donations in Response to the Sumatra Earthquake

Yamaha Corporation and its subsidiaries in Indonesia have joined with the Yamaha Music Foundation in donating money to support victims of the earthquake that occurred in Sumatra, Indonesia, on September 30th. Yamaha's Indonesian subsidiaries also organized a charity concert, donating admission fees towards reconstruction activities.

1. Donations

Total: 2.1 million yen

<Donations made through the Japanese Red Cross Society>

Yamaha Corporation: 1 million yen
Yamaha Music Foundation: 500,000 yen

<Local Representatives>

Yamaha Subsidiaries in Indonesia 6 companies, Total 600,000 yen (60 million Rupiah)
  PT. Yamaha Indonesia,
  P.T. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Indonesia
  PT Yamaha Musik Indonesia Distributor
  P.T. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Asia
  PT Yamaha Musical Products Indonesia
  P.T. Yamaha Electronics Manufacturing Indonesia

2. Charity Concert

On October 31, 2009, eleven musical groups popular in Indonesia performed at a charity concert held by Yamaha Musik Indonesia Distributor (YMID). The concert earned 95.7 million rupiah (approximately 910,000 yen) in admission fees, which was donated to reconstruction efforts through the Indonesian Red Cross.
YMID planned this event as a way to help victims of the earthquake through music, and thanks to all the support received, including the musicians who volunteered to perform for free, and the use of the venue at no cost, it was a huge success.

A performance by popular rock band “Slank”
A performance by popular rock band “Slank”

Receiving a certificate of appreciation from
Receiving a certificate of appreciation from

3. Other Efforts

PT Yamaha Music Manufacturing Asia employees conducted their own independent fundraising activities, and combined the proceeds with those from raised in the charity concert described above for donation to the Indonesian Red Cross.

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