Green Energy Certificate System Introduced at Yamaha Tsumagoi Resort

- Installation of a green electricity certified system at Yamaha's “Tsumagoi” resort

As part of Yamaha Corporation's initiatives to prevent global warming, we have introduced the Green Energy Certificate System for use at music venues and performances at Yamaha's Tsumagoi Resort in Kakegawa, Shizuoka. The ap bank fes '08-an AP Bank sponsored outdoor musical event held July 19-21, 2008, to raise awareness for environmental conservation-once again followed the Green Energy Certificate System.

ap bank fes ’08

Prevention of global warming is of top priority to the Yamaha Group. Likewise, taking initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in our factories and shops by conserving and converting energy, we are involved with a number of other initiatives: we participate in the Environment Ministry's Team Minus 6% campaign; our Headquarters, our Tokyo Office and buildings belonging to sales-oriented Group companies are involved in the Lights Down Campaign; we have introduced an Environment Logbook for use by our employees at home; and we participate in Cool-Biz, to name just a few.
Yamaha Corporation also introduced the Green Energy Certificate System to our Yamaha Tsumagoi Resort. This certificate was awarded for the use of energy supplied by the wind power facilities at the mouth of the Abe River in Shizuoka City. These facilities result in a reduction equivalent to 230 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, supplying 500,000 kWh of energy and power musical events at Tsumagoi and the Music Garden, Tsumagoi's music facility.
As with ap bank fes ‘07, ap bank fes ‘08 was held at Tsumagoi, using approximately 18,000 kWh of green energy in the Live Area during the three-day event. A booth at the event also served to inform attendees about the wind power and Green Energy Certificate.
We are continuing to work to prevent global warming by promoting energy conservation and the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind.

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