Activities Through Music (1) Music Education Business

Unlocking Musical Potential in More People

  Conveying the joy of playing music to people throughout the world, the Yamaha Group operates a music education business both in and outside Japan as a part of efforts to contribute to the enrichment of society. Since opening the Music Class for Pre-school Children in Tokyo in 1954, the Yamaha Group has provided music education to help enrich the growth of children and established and developed the Yamaha Music Education System, a unique education method. Yamaha provides courses that meet the needs of each generation. These include Yamaha Music Schools mainly for young children, Yamaha's Music Lessons for Adults for both music enthusiasts and individuals interested in learning to play a musical instrument as a hobby, and Yamaha's Wellness Program, which aims to maintain good health and improve fitness in older people in a fun way.

Operating Structure of Education Business

  The Yamaha Group's music education business is essentially conducted by the Yamaha Music Foundation, which is responsible for developing a curriculum as well as teaching materials, and basic operations such as nurturing instructors, and Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.*1, whose activities extend to the actual operation of the schools and the recruitment of students as well as other areas aimed at business development. Both work to develop educational software, nurture human resources and create new schools while bolstering ties as inseparable aspects of the music school business. In addition, Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. contracts 450 dealers nationwide to run the Yamaha Music Schools and educates the staff at each dealer in charge of reception services.

Operating Structure of Education Business

  • *1 A sales company established in April 2013 that is 100% owned by Yamaha Corporation. It engages in the wholesale of such products as musical instruments, home theater and audio systems, music production equipment, professional audio equipment and soundproof rooms in Japan, as well as the import and sale of music instruments, and the operation of music schools and English language schools.
     Position in the Yamaha Group : Japanese only

Yamaha Music School Nurtures Love of Music

Promoting Physical and Mental Development in Children by Fostering Rich Musical Talent

  Yamaha Music School provides lessons that focus on nurturing a love of music based on the three features of comprehensive music education, timely education and group lessons. Comprehensive Music Education entails lessons that encompass a full range of musical pursuits including listening, singing, playing, reading and creating. Through these means, children are encouraged to express themselves by thinking freely. The concept behind Timely Education is to give children appropriate guidance in accordance with the degree of their physical and mental development to nurture growth potential during times of growth. Curriculums are developed together with specialists in developmental psychology and other fields. Group Lessons enable children to enjoy rich musical experiences through participation in ensembles while fostering a sense of cooperation as well as respect for each other's individuality.

The Three Features for Nurturing Music Skills

Emphasizing Relationships and Communication Between Parents and Children

  As a general rule, pre-school children are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at Yamaha Music School lessons. When parents and children take lessons together, the children not only feel more comfortable and uninhibited in the learning environment, but their interest deepens after seeing the fun their parents are also having. Receiving praise from both instructor and guardian during a lesson makes children happy, providing the impetus for further growth. The lessons also provide an opportunity for the adult to track the development of the child, while conversations about the lessons and music at home serve to strengthen communication.

Yamaha music school original textbooks and teaching materials

Around 200,000 Students in Over 40 Countries and Regions Worldwide Take Music Classes

  Overseas, around 200,000 students are given the opportunity to learn the joy of music at a Yamaha Music School in over 40 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Each course is developed in light of the culture and character of each region while being based on a philosophy and curriculum for music education developed in Japan.

Countries in which Yamaha Music Schools Operate(2013)

Spreading Yamaha's Music Education Philosophy Around the World

  Yamaha's Junior Original Concert (JOC) Activities' offer children studying at Yamaha Music Schools the chance to create and perform their own compositions. We now receive around 35,000 original compositions from children every year. Concerts are held not only in Japan but throughout Asia, Europe and other regions as well. In addition, the International JOC event is held in Japan once a year. Through the common language of music, Yamaha's philosophy of music education is spreading throughout the world. Yamaha also does its utmost to nurture its music instructors overseas. This includes holding the Yamaha World Teachers' Forum*2, which leading instructors from Yamaha Music Schools worldwide participate in and which provides an excellent platform for group discussions on music education and instruction.

  • *2 JOC and Yamaha World Teachers' Forum are both sponsored by Yamaha Music Foundation

Freedom to Enjoy Performing with Yamaha Music Lessons for Adults

Helping Enrich Lives Through Music

  Yamaha provides music lessonsYamaha Music Lessons for Adults for a wide range of age groups, from junior high school students to adults, at around 1,400 locations throughout Japan. Currently, 37 different courses are on offer with some 110,000 students enrolled. It aims to enhance the range and quality of the courses, which include saxophone, drums, flute and other instruments, and to develop exceptional instructors to achieve this. Each course is basically comprised of group lessons, which provide a platform for sharing the joy of music and performing with others. Students are also encouraged to form their own bands and perform at events organized by Yamaha.

Yamaha Wellness Program Enhances Health Through Music

Maximizing the Effects of Music for a Healthier Mind and Body

  Yamaha provides a wellness program that aims to improve health through the power of music. A trial run of the program was introduced in 2003 based on recommendations from medical experts, with a full-fledged version of the Music and Health program going nationwide in 2008. The aim of the program is to help people maintain good health in their entire body, including the brain, by combining simple exercise with music. There are currently around 2,500 people enrolled in the program. Sing for Health program was introduced throughout Japan in 2012, which links the benefits of singing with enhanced health. Students have commented that the programs have made their lives brighter, made them more positive and made it easier for them to walk up the stairs.

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