Inclusion in Socially Responsible Investment Indexes

  Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes*and funds in Japan and other countries evaluate potential investments not only from a financial perspective, but from CSR environmental viewpoints as well. Yamaha Corporation continues to be listed in some of the world's most prominent SRI indexes, including the FTSE4Good Global Index (managed by Britain's FTSE), and the Morningstar Social Responsibility Index (MS-SRI).

FTSE4Good Global Index STOXX
Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index

  As one way of measuring financial soundness, each year Yamaha Corporation requests a long-term bond credit assessment from bond ratings agencies. The results are shown below.

  • * SRI(Socially Responsible Investment)Index: An index that monitors movements in the share prices of companies grouped together selected for their outstanding financial and CSR qualities.

Credit Ratings (As of March 31,2013)

Rating and Investment Information, Inc.(R&I) A
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.(JCR) A+

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