Proactive Investor Relations Efforts to Promote Understanding of the Company

Yamaha Corporation adheres to our Disclosure Policy that ensures fair and timely disclosure of information to institutional and individual investors around the world.

In addition to holding quarterly results conferences for institutional investors in Japan, Yamaha conducts conferences and briefings on its management policies and individual business segments as well as factory and facility tours as required. For institutional investors in other countries, along with making available English translations of all information provided to institutional investors in Japan, the Company's president and directors visit investors overseas several times a year to foster mutual understanding through direct communication that encompass explanations of the Company's management plans as well as the status of its businesses.

For individual shareholders, and as a part of efforts to expand its shareholder base, Yamaha gradually commenced conferences and briefings for individual investors in regional cities from fiscal 2010. Briefing sessions have been held in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sapporo and other cities to date. For the benefit of shareholders, Yamaha also runs a special benefit plan designed to encourage more shareholders to become active proponents of the Company's products and philosophy.

Yamaha aims to bolster communication with shareholders through these activities as well as share opinions and information gathered with related departments inside the Company to be used for everyday IR* activities and in management execution.

  • * IR: Investor Relations(corporate communication for shareholders and investors)

Major IR Activities in the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2013

(Regularly Scheduled Events)

Quarterly results conferences Each quarter (four annually)
One-on-one meetings 250 times
Visits to overseas investors Three times annually

(Other Events)

Conference for the mid-term Management plan Briefing on the musical Instruments business

A conference for individual investors
A conference for individual investors

A conference for institutional investors
A conference for institutional investors

Special products provided to shareholders (who hold 1,000 or more shares)

Special products provided to shareholders (who hold 1,000 or more shares)

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