Editorial Policy

  The Yamaha Group since 2000 has been issuing a CSR Report to communicate its CSR vision and initiatives to the Group’s broad stakeholder base. Since we first published the report, we have worked to prioritize information that is of greater interest based on our ongoing dialogue with stakeholders.

  We have continued to review the format of the report each year since 2009, and have decided to take a two-pronged approach, posting detailed information and environmental performance data on the website (full report) and presenting key points more concisely in a printed report (digest edition/this booklet) to make it easier to read and digest. In preparing this report, we referred to the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s “Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012 Version)”, the Global Reporting Initiative’s “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (v. 3.0)”, and ISO 26000 “Guidance on social responsibility.”

Organizations Included in the Scope of Reporting

  It is Yamaha Corporation’s intention to report to the fullest extent possible on activities carried out by the organizations that fall within the scope of its consolidated financial accounting. The environmental protection activities discussed in this report cover the 21 business sites (23, 281 total employees, 83% of consolidated employees including temporary staff) that have obtained ISO 14001 certification. Reported items other than environmental and community participation are primarily activities by Yamaha Corporation, although certain items focus on activities carried out by Yamaha Group companies. We will continue to expand the scope of reporting on Group company activities.

Reporting Period

April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014

* The above period is referred to as fiscal 2013 in this report.
* Certain initiatives underway prior to fiscal 2013 and information from April 2014 onward are also included in this report.

Next Scheduled Issue

We plan to issue the next CSR Report in August 2015

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Third-Party Opinion

We obtained an opinion from a specialist to assist in improving the CSR Report.

Editorial Policy

Editorial policy for the CSR report.