Yamaha Timber Procurement and Usage Guidelines

Fundamental philosophy

  Yamaha is working on measures aimed at preserving the global environment and plans to enact the following guidelines for the procurement and use of timber in its products, allowing us to contribute to a more harmonious relationship between society and nature:

Procurement and Usage Guidelines

Procuring Appropriate Timber

We will promote the procurement of timber that is environmentally friendly from harvest to product delivery, and that can be confirmed as having been appropriately managed.

Prioritizing Procurement from Afforested Plantations

We will place priority on procuring timber harvested from planted forests.

Active Use of Manufactured Wood Materials

We will promote the use of plywood and wood fiberboard as they contain a high percentage of afforested timber and recycled timber.

Increasing Timber Use Efficiency Through Yield Ratio Increase

We will actively promote the use of timber remnants and improve yield ratios through improved processing methods and technological development.

(Established in 2007)

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