Yamaha Material and Component Procurement Policy

  Yamaha, in keeping with its management philosophies of Customer-Oriented and Quality-Conscious Management, Transparent and Sound Management, Management that Values People, and Management in Harmony with Society, and to realize its corporate objective of "Creating 'Kando' Together", conducts procurement in accordance with the following five basic principles.

Basic Principles

Fair and Open Dealing

We will seek the optimum materials and components globally, in accordance with the principle of free competition.

Establish Partnerships

We value understanding and trust with our suppliers, and seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Legal Compliance and Consideration for the Environment

We will comply with all laws of the countries and regions in which we do business, and pursue procurement that gives due consideration to environmental protection and conservation of nature.

Proper Quality and Stable Procurement

We will seek to achieve a continued and stable procurement of the optimum materials and components backed by exceptional manufacturing technologies and production control capabilities.

Promotion of CSR-Based Procurement

We will actively promote CSR initiatives and seek active CSR initiatives from our suppliers as well.

(Established in 2008)

Supplier Selection Standards

  Yamaha Corporation opens its doors to vendors from around the world, applying the following standards comprehensively in the selection and evaluation of the suppliers that are to be its business partners.


Suppliers must have excellent systems for quality assurance, able to maintain appropriate levels of quality and safety.


Suppliers must be able to meet specified delivery dates, be flexible in responding to manufacturing changes, and be capable of reducing lead times.


Suppliers must be able to offer competitive market pricing on an ongoing basis.


Suppliers must be able to establish a relationship with Yamaha Corporation that facilitates prompt, accurate responses and provision of information between the two companies.


Suppliers must employ sound management practices.


Suppliers must be able to utilize VA/VE practices in offering suggestions for improvement, including the development of new materials and technologies.


Suppliers must possess a well-defined policy and management system for environmental matters, which they apply in an appropriate and proactive manner.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Suppliers must comply with the laws, regulations and social conventions of each applicable region or nation.

CSR Initiatives

Suppliers must work towards management that gives due consideration to labor and human rights, employee safety and health, the environment, fair trade and ethical business practices, quality and safety, information security, and contribution to society.

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