Yamaha Group Environmental Policy


  Earth exists not only for those of us who currently live on it, but also for our descendants. We must live in a way that will ensure a future for our children and grandchildren. It is, therefore, our duty to protect our valuable natural environment so that all living creatures can continue to live on this planet forever.


  The Yamaha Group is aware that taking environmental initiatives is a common issue for all human beings. Accordingly, Yamaha works to contribute to creating a truly affluent society and a better global environment under this slogan.
“Sustaining the Concerto of Yamaha with the Earth”


  Yamaha’s corporate objective is to continue to create “Kando*” and enrich culture with technology and passion born of sound and music, together with people all over the world. We have to be aware that corporate activities are deeply related to the environment and have to acknowledge our responsibility to nature. We have, therefore, established the following Environmental Policy and are conducting environmental management activities.

*“Kando” is a Japanese word that signifies an inspired state of mind.

  1. 1. We are aware of the environmental impact of our business activities, products, and services. We have set environmental objectives and targets and seek to promote the prevention of environmental pollution as we work to continue to improve our environmental management systems.
  2. 2. We comply with applicable legal and other requirements that we have agreed to that apply to environmental aspects, and, having established voluntary management standards, are conducting management activities to maintain them.
  3. 3. Among the environment impacts related to our business activities, products, and services, we are taking the initiatives to address the following major environmental management themes and conducting periodic reviews of these activities:
    1. (1) Make efforts to develop technologies and provide products that are friendlier to the environment.
    2. (2) Work to make effective use of resources and promote energy saving in all aspects of our activities, including research and development, procurement, production, distribution, sales, and service.
    3. (3) Design products to minimize waste and facilitate recycling and disposal at each stage of production, distribution, usage, and after the end of product lifetimes.
  4. 4. We are expanding our environmental education and training and encourage everyone in our organization to understand this policy and have a stronger awareness of the natural environment.
  5. 5. We are contributing to the community by engaging actively in environmental preservation activities, including beautification campaigns in the vicinity of our business locations and environment-related activities in and around our homes.
  6. 6. We are working to maintain a healthy global environment by understanding the significance of protecting the natural environment, maintaining biodiversity, and reducing the burden on the environment, as well as promoting the proper use of wood resources, and cooperating with forest protection activities.

Yamaha’s Environmental Policy has been disclosed outside the Company.

Established on March 17, 2010.
Revised on July 5, 2013.

Takuya Nakata

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