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Yamaha Corporation Factories in Japan

Site Acquisition Date Integration Date
Kakegawa Factory (including Iwata Factory and Yamanashi Kogei Co.,Ltd.) Nov. 1998 Nov. 2010
Toyooka Factory (including Yamaha Hi-Tech Design Corporation) Jun. 2000 Nov. 2010
Headquarters area*1 Feb. 2001 Nov. 2010
  • *1 Headquarters area : Yamaha Corporation headquarters, Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd., Yamaha Credit Corporation, the Headquarters Sales office of Yamaha Travel Service Co., Ltd., Yamaha Al Works Co., Ltd., Yamaha Business Support Corporation, Yamaha Pension Fund, and Yamaha Union.

Group Manufacturing Companies in Japan

Site Acquisition Date Integration Date
Yamaha Kagoshima Semiconductor Inc. Nov. 1997 Aug. 2011
Yamaha Music Craft Corporation Shinden Factory Jul. 2000 Nov. 2010
D.S. Corporation Feb. 2001 Nov. 2010
Yamaha Fine Technologies Co.,Ltd.*2 Mar. 2001 Nov. 2010
Yamaha Music Craft Corporation Main Factory Feb. 2002 Nov. 2010
Sakuraba Mokuzai Co.,Ltd. Sep. 2002 Nov. 2010
  • *2 Includes a part of Yamaha Corporation

Resort Facilities

Site Acquisition Date Integration Date
Yamaha Resort Inc. — Katsuragi™ — Nov. 2001 Aug. 2011
Yamaha Resort Inc. — Tsumagoi™ — Jan. 2003 Aug. 2011

Group Manufacturing Companies Located Overseas

Site Acquisition Date
Yamaha Electronics Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd Dec. 1998
Tianjin Yamaha Electronic Musical Instruments, Inc. Dec. 1999
PT. Yamaha Musical Products Indonesia Jan. 2001
PT. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Indonesia Dec. 2001
PT. Yamaha Indonesia May. 2002
PT. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Asia Jul. 2002
PT. Yamaha Electronics Manufacturing Indonesia Jan. 2003
Xiaoshan Yamaha Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Apr. 2003
Yamaha Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Mar. 2004
Hangzhou Yamaha Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. May. 2012

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