Promotion of Environmental Management

  As a part of its CSR activities, the Yamaha Group actively works to promote the regional environment by reducing the environmental burden of its business activities, products and services, and effectively using energy and natural resources under the Yamaha Group Environmental Policy.

Yamaha Group Environmental Policy

  The Yamaha Group established “Yamaha's Policy on the Environment” in fiscal 1993, and has used this policy as a guide in pursuing its environmental protection activities. Each business office has set its own environmental policies, goals and targets in light of their own business conditions, and engages in specific activities to protect the environment.
  We created the Yamaha Group Environmental Policy as a unified policy for Group companies in a step toward acquiring ISO 14001 certification for the entire Group in Japan. In fiscal 2010, we are working to systematically transform the ISO 14001 environmental management systems at individually certified business offices into a standardized Groupwide system.
  This new environmental policy was designed to satisfy ISO 14001 requirements, adding signatures by corporate representatives and other enhancements, with the ultimate aim of creating a better global environment under the slogan “Sustaining the Concerto of Yamaha with the Earth.”
  In order to spread the word about this policy, we communicated extensively about it internally during its formulation, created and distributed business cards each fiscal year with the policy and its goals clearly stated for all Group employees to carry around, and published it on our website for viewing at any time.

  1.  Yamaha Group Environmental Policy (created on March 17, 2010)

Acquisition of Groupwide ISO 14001 Certification

  In fiscal 1997, the Yamaha Group introduced its ISO 14001 environment management system as the centerpiece of its environmental protection initiative. By fiscal 2006, Yamaha Corporation and Group manufacturing companies both in Japan and overseas, as well as resort facilities and major sales offices, had completed certification in 37 business offices representing 78% of total employees. Thereafter these entities have worked diligently to protect the environment by setting environmental goals and targets in view of their unique business environments.
  From fiscal 2010, we have been steadily advancing efforts at Group companies in Japan to integrate ISO 14001 environmental management systems at business offices that have already been certified, in the aim of promoting environmental preservation in our business activities and improving the efficiency of activities to protect the environment on a Groupwide basis. In November 2010, we received certification of our first steps at integration, and finished the unification at Group companies in Japan in August 2011.

Environmental Management Systems

  The Yamaha Group periodically convened the Environmental Management Promotion Committee as a part of its Groupwide environmental management system, to debate and reach decisions on key issues such as environmental strategy.
  From fiscal 2010, in accordance with the acquisition of Groupwide certification and the formulation of Groupwide environmental policy, the Environmental Management Promotion Committee was succeeded by the Yamaha Group Environment Committee, which fomulated environmental goals and targets for the Group as a whole and promoting initiatives for the environment through business activities. In addition, working groups was established under the committee's direction in order to advance specific measures, such as energy conservation and waste reduction.
  The Yamaha Group Environment Committee convenes once every quarter with the division director in charge of environment management at Yamaha Corporation as the committee chairman, and participants comprising persons in charge of environmental management at Group companies, business offices, and core business divisions, working group leaders, and internal environmental audit team leaders. The minutes of the meetings, including debates and decisions, are communicated to business sites and core business divisions within the Group to share. Efforts are being made to promote the introduction of the Yamaha Energy Management System (YEMS), which applies to the entire Yamaha Group worldwide, from fiscal 2013.

Environmental Management Structure

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