Environmental Education and Training

  The Yamaha Group offers a variety of training and education opportunities to Company employees in an effort to raise their knowledge and skills with respect to the environment. We categorize environmental training into “General,” “Specialty,” “Emergency Response Training,” and other courses that meet the needs of the local Yamaha entity and their work-related duties. Group-sponsored training and brush-up seminars for internal environmental auditors are another way to improve Group-wide environmental preservation activities. We also support training to help increase environmental awareness among our employees.

Debriefing Sessions on Environmental Activities

  In order to share and enable the mutual use of information on environmental activities among business locations, divisions and Group companies, the Yamaha Group has been holding debriefing sessions on the activities through the Environment Committee since fiscal 2011. In fiscal 2012, reports were given on a variety of subjects such as improvements made through energy conservation diagnosis from one of the Group's production companies and carbon dioxide reduction activities in the Logistics Division. Sharing information such as this among employees in charge of environmental management at business locations, divisions and Group companies as well as staff members from the secretariats raises the level of environmental management and leads to other activities.

Debriefing session on activities by the Environment Committee
Debriefing session on activities by the Environment Committee

Specialized Training for Environmental Preservation Staff

  The Group has established curriculum for employees engaged in operations that require specialized knowledge, including personnel involved in waste management and water treatment operations.

  Since fiscal 2011, Yamaha Corporation's environment department has been conducting surveys and providing guidance to correct problems related to waste management conditions at Group sales sites in Japan. In fiscal 2012, the survey and advice was provided at four sales related subsidiaries and one sales division.

  In addition, lectures are held regularly using DVDs to educate new managers in order to enhance waste management.

  We also conduct training at each business location for potential emergency situations, based on the ISO14001 operating manual. This emergency response training teaches employees how to deal with accidents such as the leakage of environmental contaminants.

Training and Brush-Up for Internal Environmental Auditors

  Training the staff who actually perform our self-regulated activities with respect to environmental preservation is essential for improving the operations of our environmental management system. The Yamaha Group holds annual seminars conducted by external organizations to train internal environmental auditors.

  A total of 21 auditors participated in the seminar in July fiscal 2012 held at Yamaha headquarters. Since our first such training in March 1998, we have held 39 seminars, with more than 1,000 cumulative participants who are registered as internal environmental auditors.

  With the migration to an ISO integrated management system during fiscal 2010, we held an Internal Environmental Auditor Brush-Up Seminar to improve the skill set of staff members responsible for internal audits. We held this seminar in October 2012 at the Yamaha headquarters, where 38 individuals were able to build stronger audit skills related to environmental activities that are linked directly to our business.

Seminar to train internal environmental auditors
Seminar to train internal environmental auditors

Internal Environmental Auditor Brush-Up
Internal Environmental Auditor Brush-Up

Promoting Eco Initiatives among All Employees

  The Yamaha Group provides support and training to improve the environmental awareness of our employees and to promote eco activities that employees can perform as part of their daily routines.

(1)Environmental Awareness Activities in the Home: Smart Life in My Home Commitment and My Eco Commitment Coloring Page

  The Yamaha Group revised activities to boost environmental awareness in the home promoted in conjunction with the Yamaha labor union. The “Smart Life Guide Eco-Account Book,” which had been in operation for eight years, was changed to the more practical “Smart Life in My Home Commitment.”

  Under this commitment, employees establish, and commit to, eco-activity themes according to their individual circumstances for a period of four months from June to September. Yamaha received 855 reports on the activities in fiscal 2011 and 633 in fiscal 2012 and gave awards to the most exceptional initiatives.

  Besides this initiative, we continued to implement the My Eco Commitment Coloring Page to enhance communication related to the environment in homes with children through coloring pages.

The Smart Life Guide Eco-Account Book and My Eco Commitment coloring page
The Smart Life Guide Eco-Account Book and My Eco Commitment coloring page

Examples of Initiatives under the Smart Life in My Home Commitment (Fiscal 2012)

Details of Commitment Report on Activity
Make a Green Eco Curtain with bitter gourd by putting it in a sunny room of the house, eat stir-fried bitter gourd and conserve electricity I picked two bitter gourds, albeit small ones, every 4-5 days and ate my fill of vinegar-dressed and stir-fried bitter gourd. It was an ecological summer.
Make a delicious Green Eco Curtain with cucumber! Once the leaves got bigger in July and August, it fulfilled its role as a Green Eco Curtain. The children enjoyed picking the cucumbers everyday with me once the vegetables got big enough. It was a good chance for everyone in the family to think about ecology.
Reduce gas and power consumption at home through frequent energy-saving initiatives! Gas and power consumption decreased in 2011 and 2012 as a result of the family being more conscious of energy conservation. I was surprised at the impact of being just a little more conscious.
Be satisfied with less consumption of propane gas Previously I never really gave much thought to trying to conserve propane gas, so it was a good opportunity to give it a go. I cleaned the gas vent on the stove, removed the grime from the bottom of the pots and pans, only boiled the amount of water I needed and adjusted the temperature and water level of the bath. This enabled me to reduce propane gas consumption per person.
Cool down using a water sprinkler and cut down on air conditioning Long ago, people used to beat the heat by sprinkling water around the house, so this year our family tried it. We did it in the hottest part of summer and when we measured the temperature, the outside temperature had dropped by 5.5℃ and the inside temperature by 2℃. I realized that it would be a good idea to think again about what people did all those years ago and the knowledge they had.
Save water by using a rainwater tank (use to water Green Eco Curtain) I made a tank for holding rainwater (with a 500L tank used in farming), connected a pipe from the rainwater pipe to the tank and watered the plants using a watering can. This helped me save water when watering my plants. I also used water from the tank to sprinkle on the ground to cool it down
Make fertilizer through microbial treatment of food scraps and use the fertilizer effectively
Target: 10% reduction in waste
I put the food scraps in a disposal bucket and used the fertilizer I made in the vegetable garden on the veranda and in the field at my parent’s home. I was able to reduce food scraps by around 20 bowlfuls a month.
Carry a drinking flask and cut down on purchasing drinks at the office I cut down on buying cans or pet bottles of drink that I used to buy during breaks by bringing my own drinking flask. That meant I saved resources as well as money.
Practice eco-friendly driving in an eco-car (try to be three times more fuel efficient compared with the previous year) I switched to a hybrid car and tried to improve fuel efficiency by three times. I didn’t reach my target but I reduced gasoline consumption by around 60%. I will keep aiming to further improve fuel economy through eco-driving.
Practice low-fuel-consumption driving I tried to practice more fuel-efficient driving and checked the results. I started up and accelerated slowly, drove at a certain speed, avoided rush hour on the roads. This and other initiatives helped me reduce gasoline by around 50% compared with the previous year.
Participate in beautification activities in my area I participated in cleanups organized by the residents’ association once a month and in road beautification activities in my area each time. Some of the cleanups were really hard work, particularly cutting grass in the middle of summer.
Try my hand at eco-friendly cooking (adjust heat and reduce use of consumables) Details of activities:
•I used the appropriate size of pots and pans for the number of people in my family.
•I cooked using leftover heat from a highly thermal pot.
•I reduced the amount of paper towels I used in various ways.

•I was able to heat up the pot using the residual heat and cook vegetables and meat beautifully.
•I reduced the amount of time the stove was lit when cooking and was able to enjoy cooking more without worrying about the heat as in typical years.

(2)Promoting Green Eco Curtains in Employee Homes

  Beginning in fiscal 2009, the Yamaha Group has encouraged employees to create Green Eco-Curtain in their homes, in parallel with Green Eco Curtain activities at Yamaha business locations.

  In addition to providing how-to instructions, Yamaha distributed seeds for morning glories, Goya, and other hanging plants to those interested.

  We have received over 100 reports from families that have practiced Green Eco Curtain activities as part of the Smart Life in My Home Commitment since fiscal 2011.

A Green Eco Curtain at the home of an employee, who received an Outstanding Award for his effort
A Green Eco Curtain at the home of an employee, who received an Outstanding Award for his effort

Photos of Green Eco Curtains collected from employees
Photos of Green Eco Curtains collected from employees

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