Products that Support the Environment

  The Yamaha Group not only manufactures products for the end user, but also for use in offices and business premises. Within its product lineup, the Group boasts items that help reduce environmental load in the conduct of customers' business activities as well as in the production of products.

  The Group will continue to help reduce environmental load imposed by society as a whole through the development and promotion of products that support the environment.

Examples of Devices and Instruments that Support the Environment

(1)Micro prober (a conduction and insulation inspection device)

Micro prober (a conduction and insulation inspection device)
Micro prober addresses the problems associated with erroneous decisions with respect to the performance of fine pattern flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards. By improving yields, this device helps reduce waste while contributing to the conservation of resources.

(2)Helium Leak Tester

Helium Leak Tester
This helium leak tester accurately measures in a short period of time the degree to which such products as automobile fuel tanks and air conditioners are leaking greenhouse as well as ozone-depleting gases. Compliant with automobile environmental regulations, this device helps reduce environmental loan.

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