Environmentally Friendly Products

  The Yamaha Group has positioned efforts to develop technologies and provide products that are friendlier to the environment as major environment management theme under its Yamaha Group Environmental Policy.

  To respond to this policy and with respect to the various product groups that the Yamaha Group manufactures, steps are taken to conduct product life cycle assessments (LCA) that cover all product life cycle stages, including material procurement to production, transport, use, and disposal to identify what aspect of a product group life cycle has the largest environmental impact and to tackle environmentally friendly design from multiple angles. In addition, in order to further confirm the environmental friendliness of products, Yamaha promotes the management of chemical substances contained in products, as well as the green procurement of materials, parts and components.

Material production stage

Usage stage

Disposal stage

Product examples

Energy conservation


•Reduce power consumption
•Reduce standby power consumption


Routers, Audio-visual products, Electronic musical instruments

Resource conservation

•Miniaturization in design
•Integrated design

•Long-life design
•Re-application utilizing added functions

•Promotion of reuse
•Promotion of recycling

Electones, Synthesizer, Home theater package, Silent Piano

Resource maintenance

Yamaha Timber Procurement and Usage Guidelines published
•Reduce use of scarce materials

•Long-life design

•Promotion of reuse
•Promotion of recycling

Electric guitar, System drums, Marimba, White and black keys, A.R.E. products

Reducing substances with significant environmental loads

•Management of chemical substances in products
Promotion of green procurement

•Reduce VOC*1 emissions from products
•Reduce harmful substances come into direct contact with customers

•Promotion of reuse
•Promotion of recycling
•Reduce the environmental load of substances in waste

Wind instruments

Products that support the environment


•Reduce the environmental load generated by customer business sites
•Reduce the environmental load created when using products manufactured by customers


Micro-prober, Helium leak tester

  • *1 VOC: Volatile organic compounds. When generated in large volumes, these substances can affect human health and the environment.

Primary Product Group Characteristics According to Life Cycle Assessments, and Initiatives

(Note: The size of each circle indicates the relative environmental load associated with that stage in the product life cycle.)

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