Green Procurement Activities

  In order to better reduce the environmental burden of its products, the Yamaha Group engages in green procurement activities in partnership with suppliers.

  In this context, the Group has positioned the reduction of environmental load substances that are a major hazard to human health and cause of environmental pollution at the heart of its green procurement activities. The Group is doing its utmost to procure materials and components that exert minimal environmental load.

Putting in Place and Applying the Green Procurement Standard

  In order to provide a constant stream of environmentally friendly products, the Yamaha Group collaborates with business partners who supply components and materials. The Group put in place and openly disclosed its Green Procurement Standards in June 2002, and based on these standards, is monitoring and managing the status of efforts by suppliers to conduct environmentally friendly business activities as well as the procurement of components and materials containing chemical substances.

  In addition, Yamaha reviews its Green Procurement Standards as required in line with changes in global environmental regulations.

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