Initiatives in Energy-Conserving Products

  With the goal of reducing the environmental load of products' energy usage while in operation, the Yamaha Group continues to improve on its products' energy conservation features.

  The following energy-conserving products not only contribute to energy savings for customers, but also for society as a whole. The Group is likewise doing its best to comply with energy-saving regulations taking effect in countries around the world.

Examples of energy-conserving products



  As a result of pursuing both high performance and reliability to meet demand for routers that run for a continuous 24 hours, Yamaha developed a top-level energy-saving router that emits no more heat than necessary.

(2)AV product

AV product

  In addition to developing AV models that keep energy consumption at 0.5W or below in standby mode, by using high-efficiency amps and a high-efficiency switching power supply, Yamaha's AV equipment also realizes reduced energy consumption when in operation. The RX-V575 AV receiver, for example, boasts standby energy consumption at a low 0.1W, while also being loaded with an automatic power-down feature to save energy when temporarily not in use. The energy savings realized by these products is significant compared to previous models. These functions also comply with ErP directives*. In addition, Yamaha incorporated ECO mode as a new function to save power. This enables around a 20% saving in power consumption when using any function at ordinary times.

(3)Electronic musical instruments

Electronic musical instruments

  Electronic musical instruments are also loaded with several environmental conscious design features that meet ErP directives. For example, instruments are equipped with automatic power-off functioning to avoid using energy unnecessarily when mistakenly left on. Also, by using an external switching power supply, energy consumption is reduced both when the product in use and in standby mode.

  • * Directive on Eco-Design of Energy related Products: EU-wide rules for improving environmental performance

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