CSR Management

Basic CSR Philosophy

  The Yamaha Group seeks to implement our corporate philosophy, pursue sustainable business, leverage our core technologies and assets and deepen communication with all stakeholders. Constantly creating 'Kando*' and enriching culture—that is the Yamaha Group's CSR.

  • * 'Kando' (is a Japanese word that) signifies an inspired state of mind.

CSR Promotion Policy and Initiatives

  The Yamaha Group continues to work on a variety of themes in its focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), including product quality, labor, the environment, IR and social contribution. In February 2010, we established the Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy, a summary of the Group’s approach toward CSR. Comprised of ¬five key guidelines, this Policy outlines the Company’s fundamental stance toward fulfi¬lling its responsibilities to its diverse stakeholders. Yamaha operates with this CSR policy as the common philosophy for the Group.
 Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy

CSR Education

  In addition, the Group is working to educate employees and boost awareness of CSR through training and by distributing information. The aim is to deepen understanding of CSR among all employees as well as raise social sensitivity to social issues and individual quality to facilitate better CSR activities. We conduct training for new recruits and hold briefings at regional managers meetings and other meetings. We have also set up a webpage on the intranet to provide information to employees as needed concerning CSR activities undertaken by Yamaha Group sites, introduction of exceptional cases at other companies and an explanation of CSR keywords, among other topics.

CSR education at new recruit training
CSR education at new recruit training

Website sharing CSR information for employees
Website sharing CSR information for employees

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Editorial Policy

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