Message from the President

The Yamaha Corporation Group has chosen "CREATING 'KANDO*' TOGETHER" as its corporate objective and is endeavoring to contribute to the enrichment of people's lives through its business activities.

Since the commencement of Yamaha's business operations, it has helped to create kando in many venues and scenes as it has offered products and services related to "sound and music" as well as responded to a broad range of needs connected with music, education, and culture. Last year, Yamaha marked the 125th year since the commencement of its operations. We have been able to continue our business activities over such a long period because of the support we have received from our customers who own and enjoy our products and services as well as our many other stakeholders. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest, heartfelt appreciation to all of you.

I was installed as the 12th president this year at the start of a new challenge towards the next 25 years. I believe that it is my responsibility from now on to show leadership in continuing to create new values as the mission of the Yamaha brand, always asking what "Kando" is for customers, pursuing expertise in "Sound and Music" as the leading company in the musical instrument industry. I am determined to manage the company to continue supplying the products and services really demanded by our customers, while utilizing the technologies and know-how accumulated in the company and unfalteringly encountering each and every customer with sincerity.

We will sincerely make the best effort to respond to customers' expectations and continue to be a company where customers wish to associate with forever.

November, 2013
Yamaha Corporation
President and Representative Director

Takuya Nakata


  1.  * kando is a Japanese word that signifies an inspired state of mind.

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