Message from the President

We Will Remain Innovative to Go Beyond Our Customers' Expectations

Under its corporate slogan, "Sharing Passion & Performance," the Yamaha Group seeks to contribute to the affluence of people's lives through its business activities.

Since the time of its founding, Yamaha has been providing a variety of products and services centered on its devotion to sound and music. We have created excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world by responding to wide-ranging needs related to music, education, and culture.

In 2012, we were able to mark the 125th anniversary of the commencement of our operations. Thanks to the support of you, our stakeholders, including customers who are regularly using Yamaha products and services, we have been able to continue in business over such a long period of time. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your patronage.

We are constantly aware of the need to create customer value by offering products and services that go beyond our customers' expectations. I believe that remaining innovative and going beyond boundaries are necessary to enable us to do that.

One recent example of this is the hybrid piano, which was developed while determining the intrinsic value of both acoustic and electronic pianos by combining their respective benefits. As a result of facing our customers squarely and our unwavering commitment to all aspects—sound quality, playability, functionality, and design—the hybrid piano has been made into a product that has been well received even by professional musicians.

In the years to come, Yamaha will most assuredly interact with each and every one of its customers, while leveraging the technologies, expertise, and sensibilities that have been accumulated over its long history and tradition, so that it can provide products and services our customers truly desire. I will display strong leadership in management to those ends.

As we will be making ardent efforts to ensure that Yamaha remains a company that continues to enjoy long and close relationships with its customers, I would greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

Takuya Nakata

President and Representative Director
Yamaha Corporation
January 2015

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