Wind, String, Percussion & Educational Instruments

Business Overview

The Merveille hand-crafted flute, with superb acoustics achieved through dialogue with the world's top flutists.

Yamaha has consistently shown a preference for craftsmanship, painstakingly selecting materials, and for the timely introduction of the latest in technology. This consistent attention has helped to produce the exquisite tone of our wind instruments. Today, Yamaha wind instruments are revered in everything from classical to jazz and popular music, reaching across all genres and generations. We began research into acoustic violins in the nineties, fusing traditional instrument crafting skills with advanced technology to create the unique Braviol violin, and used the experience gained through this effort to create our top-end Altida line of instruments. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with artists at studios in New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo and throughout the world, working to create yet more innovative products.
On another front, Yamaha guitars and drums have an active presence in the global music scene, and are used in every genre from rock to classical music. From high-end signature-series instruments developed in collaboration with top artists, to those in a price range at which even the beginner can enjoy playing, Yamaha supports the music world with a broad range of products.

Yamaha custom saxophones draw increasingly closer to the ideal acoustics for expressing the sentiment of the professional musician.

The Xeno Artist Model, our flagship model, was created to unite traditional craftsmanship and top artists who are intimately familiar with both instrument and music.

The BRAVIOL violin boasts bright, clear tones and a one-of-a-kind exquisite response to the emotions of the musician.

A guitar created from the mastery of technique and feeling through collaboration with the world's top players.

The DTXPRESS IV, which enables one person to hold a session with band sound in a compact space.

Yamaha drums captivate artists with the latest in materials and technology, and assist them in playing.

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