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Yamaha Music Schools, presently being developed throughout the world in over 40 countries and regions.

Yamaha has established a wide range of music schools, working from a foundation of providing education to preschool children. Over 700,000 people have enjoyed equal access to the joy of music that transcends national boundaries, beginning with Japan and extending through more than 40 countries and regions. Based on a core curriculum for children aimed at four- to five-year-olds, numerous courses have been finely tailored to suit the variety of needs of toddlers, young children, students, and adults, from beginners to master classes. Yamaha offers an integrated music classroom with a unique curriculum.
From their start in 1987, Yamaha's English schools now provide English lessons to 65,000 students at 1,500 venues, offering courses such as “English for the fifty and over,” “Together with English,” which targets toddlers and their mothers, and “Rhythm Pocket” and “Popcorn Talk,” courses unique to Yamaha in which two and three–year olds learn English naturally by moving their bodies to enjoyable English songs and rhythms. Student numbers have increased dramatically in recent years, reflecting Japan's growing interest in English education for toddlers and young children. From children to adults, we offer a comprehensive educational curriculum themed around familiarization with English sounds and rhythms.

A scene from a english language lesson in a class for toddlers.

Yamaha music lessons for adults. Lessons enjoyed along with friends (Saxophone).

Junior Original Concert (JOC), where the limitless potential of children shines brightly.

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