Professional Audio Equipment

Business Overview

The M7CL digital mixer for SR incorporates a touch-panel display, providing an intuitive user interface.

Commercially-oriented Yamaha acoustic instruments continue to receive high acclaim from around the world through such awards as the Technical Grammy Award, a special award of distinction, received in February 2007. The Yamaha Commercial Audio and Professional Audio divisions are known throughout the world as solution providers for the sound industry. Their lineups include many world-standard mixer models, signal processors employing high level DSP technology, power upgrades based on world-class energy-efficient drive technology, and an extensive range of speakers suitable for everything from production to professional audio.

The DME Series DSP engine for networks enables customization via a graphic interface, offering a multitude of processing functions.

The more powerful Tn Series provides energy-efficient high output to drive 2 ohm speakers.

The Installation Series of Uni-phase speakers allow for hassle-free tuning by aligning the characteristics of the speakers as close as possible within the series (family sound).

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