Music Software

Business Overview

Music Revolution - Planning and execution of the Music Fest

Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings (YMEH), the holding company for the music software business of Yamaha Corporation, engages in various businesses throughout the world under "The Sound Company" name, has been active since June of 2007. The recent organizational restructuring of the music software business created a framework for us to pursue our business more efficiently and flexibly by integrating activities supporting amateur musicians and the discovery, development, and creation of artists, together with efforts to supply the original works market through a range of media developed by the various divisions of Yamaha Corporation, the Yamaha Music Foundation, and other entities.
In the future we will strive to play a greater role in expanding the market for music software by conveying the delight and pleasure music holds to even more customers, and by creating a larger music community of artists, amateur musicians, and listeners.

- Work on planning, creation, manufacture, and production of musical and video software

- Publishing business, video content business, content transmission

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