Digital Musical Instruments

Business Overview

Electone™ STAGEA, incorporating the most sophisticated sound sources and technology. The next generation Electone™ incorporates such elements as an upgrade system for upgrading instruments through the attachment of units, an Internet-direct connection linking instruments directly to the Internet, and always providing version upgrades to provide the latest software for instruments.

The Electone™ - the product of Yamaha’s leading-edge technology and sound creation know-how. Digital pianos that build on our strengths as a maker of pianos, with a sound and touch that grow closer to that of a full-concert grand piano with every year. Digital keyboards replete with a diverse array of tones, and functions that let anyone enjoying playing music. The most recent models are able to connect to the Internet directly, offering an expanded range of ways to play music, such as a service that lets you play the songs you want to play, as many times as you want. Evolving constantly, Yamaha will continue to make digital instruments that offer inspire new ambitions.
To keep pace with the latest trends in popular music, we are expanding our range of digital music production equipment to provide support for live performance and music production. Our line-up includes the MM6 synthesizer, which is based on the concept of being fun to play, and the recently-introduced MOTIF™XS, a synthesizer for music production that represents the "the ultimate and beyond." The debut of the MW Series and the N Series music production equipment based on Steinberg’s Cubase software has also provided an excellent environment for producing music based on quality sound. Yamaha will continue to maintain its lead in digital music solutions.

MOTIF™XS, the flagship model among Yamaha synthesizers, boasts the highest quality sound, and comes fully loaded with the most advanced features for music production.

Clavinova CVP-409PM, outfitted with such features as automated accompaniment and direct connection to the Internet.

The stage model, GX-1, incorporating an analog synthesizer, was introduced in 1974, to such high acclaim that it was hailed worldwide as an “astounding electronic keyboard.”

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