The History of Yamaha's Logotype

Yamaha's logotype, featuring the combination of the tuning fork mark and the Yamaha logo, was established in 1967 when the tuning fork mark was standardized. Following a period in which the tuning fork mark was not used, the company unified the logotype to the one used today.

Changes in Yamaha's logotypes


The Yamaha logotype was established. (A mark similar to the current special version of the logo was also used as a 'reverse design'.)

The Yamaha logotype was revised. A design using simple lines (the current special version of the logo) was established as the standard version of the logo.

The company changed its name to Yamaha Corporation to mark the 100th anniversary of its founding. To emphasize the Yamaha name, the tuning fork mark was eliminated.


The current standard version of the Yamaha logotype (upper line) and special version (bottom line) were established.

FAQ about Yamaha's Logotype

Are there any differences between the Yamaha logotype and that of Yamaha Motor?

Yamaha Corporation uses a Yamaha Logomark with the tips of the tuning forks contained within a circle. and an "M" with a middle column shorter than the outer legs, and features "YAMAHA" printed in an asymmetric font. The logo of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is printed in a symmetrical font and uses red as its corporate color, while Yamaha Corporation uses violet.

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